Alex Jones

Gameplay Programmer - Software Engineer - Cinephile


My name is Alex, I have been making games for ten years now. I am constantly working on improving and expanding my skillset. I am naturally curious and will forget to sleep when I find a new topic the piques my interest. I have recenetly graduated from shawnee State University with a B.S. in Game and Simulation Engineering and have published my first mobile app, Toy Tanks on the Google Play Store.

My Projects


Shawnee State University

Graduated May 2020 with a BS in Digital Simulation & Game Engineering

Notable Coursework

• Compiler Design
• Operating Systems
• Interactive Programming
• Networking
• Optimization
• Artificial Intelligence

My Art

Sand Dunes

Procedurally generated sand dunes made in blender 2.8

Unity Sand Dunes

These sand dunes were baked in Blender 2.8 and then imported and reshaded in Unity


A procedurally generated jade matterial made in Blender 2.8

App Icon

An app icon made in Inkscape using a pre existing game logo

Contact Me

Email Adress

Phone Number

(614) 973-3673


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