Created for my first Game Workshop class at UCF using Unreal Engine 4. I worked with blueprints on this game, implementing UI, sound, puzzles, and other necessary gameplay events. The game is a psychological thriller where you investigate an abandoned asylum to solve a case. I have never used Unreal Engine before this project, so this was a valuable learning experience for me. Props to this team for making such a stunning looking game.

Time Tear

Created for my Game Production class at UCF using Unity Collab. I worked as a level designer, and programmer on this game. This game was a first person shooter, that incorporated a portal system to travel between the past and the present. The objective was to solve basic puzzles and in the end, defeat the final boss. This was my first large project in Unity. I learned a lot about level design, implementation of systems within Unity, and working as a team during this project.

Hallway with Guard

My second Unity project ever was titled "Hallway with Guard". This was officially my first 3D game project. I was a programmer, responsible for creating the player controller, as well as implementing "unique" mechanics. I worked closely with one of my partners to integrate his user interface with our dialogue mechanics. I also had to take over working on the guard AI, which unfortunately ended buggy due to lack of time and understanding from our group. The project didn't turn out as great as I would've liked, but there is still a lot to be proud of, and a lot learned.

Photo Restoration

During my photoshop class, I was assigned to restore and colorize an old photo. This was a great introduction to using many of the tools in photoshop and truely getting a feel for them. I was pretty proud of how this turned out.



3D Model

I'm not much of an artist, but I understand the modeling pipeline. This is an untextured version of my first extensive project using Maya. I was asked to recreate a building from a video game, and chose this building from Arma 2.

Research building found in Arma 2

Lightning Log

This is a personal project I've been casually researching for a while now. I have many goals for this project and would like to accomplish them by myself, but there are a lot of technologies still for me to learn.

The eventual vision for this app is to be able to keep track of when a pool opens seamlessly on multiple devices Click Here