About me

I'm a graduate of the University of Central Florida. I decided to major in game design and get a minor in computer science. Throughout school I worked with many different technologies, becoming somewhat well rounded in digital media. My focus has always been to become a better programmer, as I gain a lot of satisfaction from it and enjoy the learning aspects of it. I'm currently working as a full stack web developer for The Right Profile, a company that is working to bring information about personality types to athletes, and others.

You probably guessed I enjoy playing video games in my free time. I'm an avid PC gamer these days. Runescape and Counter-Strike are my go to games. I'm also very into music, both playing and listening. Guitar is one of the most rewarding and relaxing things I do, and I consider it one of my best abilities. I love heavy metal for the technical ability of the musicians, as well as the meaning behind the songs. It's hard to find another genre with that much talent in one place. Besides guitar, I also have been learning piano, and consider myself able to play the drums a bit because I can play Expert+ drums on Guitar Hero Metallica.